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Amy Duggar Fans Scared For Her After Spying Disturbing Detail On Instagram

Photo: Getty Images

America grew attached to the Duggar Family over the many seasons of 19 Kids And Counting and Counting On, and even in the time since the shows ended, members of the famous fam are still making headlines. Fans have been excited by Duggars announcing pregnancies and births, been critical of how they choose to raise their kids, and been appalled by the shocking crimes of Josh Duggar. Now, fans are concerned for one Duggar after a recent Instagram story.

35-year-old Amy Duggar King recently posted a story expressing excitement over Amazon Prime Day. In the slide, Amy seems to be in her bathtub, and there is text over her that reads, "When you realize it's Prime Day and the hubs isn't home to talk you out of a purchase!" It seems innocent enough, but some of her eagle-eyed followers noticed a disturbing detail on the wall behind her - strange red marks.

Photo: Instagram/Amyrachelleking

One commenter wrote on Reddit, "Maybe I have been reading too much True Crime, but the stuff on the wall paired with her caption is a little sus," while another said, "Someone should probably tell her that it looks like blood," and a third agreed, "That looks like a crime scene."

Others tried to explain it, with one jokingly writing, "Possibly it's the inevitable pink mold that comes from showers but…Amy might have snapped one day and killed her husband. It’s easier to shop on Amazon without someone stopping you." Another fan seemed to have the most plausible explanation, suggesting, "Probably bathtub crayons for [Amy's three-year-old son] Dax would be my guess."

Some people weren't too bothered by the red marks but were put off by the content of the post, writing, "I hate the whole omg gotta hide the packages from hubby type narrative," and, "It gives very unhealthy relationship vibes."

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