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Toddler Remembers How He Died In A Past Life

Photo: Getty Images

There are many unanswered questions in the universe and one of the biggest ones is what happens to us after we die. Many people believe different things, and one possibility is that we are reincarnated and born as someone new. There isn't any way to really prove the theory, but a two-year-old has a lot of folks convinced it can happen, thanks to a video his mom posted on TikTok.

Kelsey Pomeroy captioned the video "Do you think this is a true past life memory or just his imagination?" and in it, she describes how out of nowhere, her toddler Theo stated, "I used to be an adult but then I sunk, and I became a kid." He went on to give more detail saying, "When I used to be an adult, I had a map, and I was traveling through the sand to try to find water. But when I found water, I sunk, and then I became a kid again."

He's also been talking about things that happened to him "when he was an adult," things that have never happened to him during his (current) lifetime.

The local news station, FOX8, caught up with Kelsey, who explained that she has no idea how her son could come up with this story, saying, "I'm watching the shows that he's watching, I'm reading the books that he's reading and nothing he's doing is talking about this life to death cycle."

Theo sometimes mentions "his other mommy and daddy" and to this day hates the sand, refusing to walk on it in bare feet. He also is obsessed with maps - potential carryovers from his past life. His mom thought based on his story that he was describing someone who drowned in water but Theo, who doesn't even know what drowning is, corrected her and said, "No I sunk in the sand."

Commenters are convinced he is describing a past life and related similar stories about their own kids. One wrote, "When my kid was 2 she saw a fire on the news and said, 'I was in one of those before. I miss my sons, will I ever see them again?'" and another said, "My son does this too. He told me, 'When I was big, I worked on cars like daddy. Then one day I went into the woods and didn't come back."

It's not the first time a story like this has gone viral either. In 2015, a boy not only remembered details of his past life, in which he was a Hollywood actor, but he was able to identify exactly who he was and even meet that person's family.

Of course, plenty of people just think that these stories are the results of children's imaginations and their inability to tell the difference between dreams and reality.

Either way, you can keep up to date with Kelsey and Theo here.