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Mysterious Object Filmed Dropping To Earth During Lightning Storm In Texas

Storms can be pretty scary - they sometimes are accompanied by frighteningly loud thunder, there is the potential for floods, and there's always that fear of being struck by lightning, but one recent weather event in Texas has rattled people for a different reason. It took place earlier this week when a lightning storm struck the Lone Star State. A resident named Conner decided to film it, but wound up capturing something in addition to the lightning - a mysterious object crashing to Earth.

He posted the footage to Reddit and it shows a flash of lightning, then a streak of light plunging out of the sky. He titled his post, "Was recording this storm pass by and saw this I didn't think it looked like lightning 5-2-22."

According to The Mirror, Conner said, "I can't say that I have encountered anything like this before. I've never really recorded the skies or anything and that day of the storm, I really felt the need to record. I'm open to any suggestions as to what it might be or what it was. Best case scenario it was a meteor because I've never seen one. And worst-case scenario, an alien invasion."

Commenters had thoughts. Many felt it was a meteorite, but others contested that theory, asserting that it was going too fast to be a space rock. Some said the streak was "ball lightning," a questionable phenomenon that has been witnessed for centuries but never proven. A few suggested the streak was just an effect of how the storm was filmed and it was only a bug or a drop of rain that caught the light. Then of course, there were people who said things like, "It's an alien spacecraft."

No word yet on what it actually was but you can read more here.