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Lauv Explains Meaning Behind New Song Co-Written With Girlfriend

Lauv is back for an Elvis Duran and the Morning Show interview and this time with green hair!

"People have been asking why I died my hair green and I have no good answer," Lauv tells Elvis Duran in the studio Wednesday morning. "It was a very impulsive decision." Now Lauv is back with a new song and tour coming up at the end of this summer. His song 'All For Nothing,' was actually co-written with his girlfriend. "We've done a couple of songs together," Lauv admits to Elvis. "I wrote it at the stage in the relationship where I fully let myself go, falling in love," Lauv continues, "The moment of 'If I were to mess this up, it would be bad, I'm in deep now and I have to surrender to that.'"
Watch our full interview with Lauv above where we also talk about mental health and his upcoming tour.