Bindi Irwin Slammed For Latest Instagram Post, A Tribute To Her Dad

It's been over 14 years since Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died, and now his daughter, Bindi Irwin, is expecting her first child. The 22-year-old just entered her third trimester and to mark the occasion, she decided to recreate a photo of her parents from when her mom was pregnant with Bindi's brother, Robert.

In the picture, which was taken 17 years ago, Bindi's mother, Terri, holds her shirt up, exposing her round tummy which Steve and a then five-year-old Bindi kiss. In Bindi's recreation, she holds up her shirt while her husband of ten months, 24-year-old Chandler Powell, smooches her belly. She captioned the shot, "Recreating a very special moment. Third trimester love. ❤️"

Many fans were touched by the tribute, writing sweet comments like, "Be right back, I'm crying now," and, "Oh my, what a lovely family and carrying on the sweetness."

However, it also brought out the trolls, who somehow were disturbed by the image. One wrote, "Nope. That's just wrong," and another stated, "This is becoming sick." Someone else commented, "Kinda wish they'd stop this and start living their own lives... It's getting creepy."

Thankfully it seems unlikely that the rude commenters will discourage Bindi from posting more, which is good news since the baby will be here in just a few more months. She recently revealed that it's a girl.

You can follow Bindi here.

Photo: Getty Images