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Lana Del Rey Donates $350,000 To Indigenous Communities

Lana Del Rey recently released her first book of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, and she plans to spend her advance on helping others.

On Tuesday (November 3), the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to share the news that she'd be donating money to various indigenous communities, starting with the Navajo. Her first donation was $350,000 to Dig Deep — an organization that strives to ensure clean, running water is accessible to every American.

"No matter what the results of the election just remember we can each as individuals shine brightly and contribute to our world in our own individual way," she wrote. "As I’ve been lucky enough to be given an advance from Simon and Schuster, I’m so grateful to be able to spread that money around to foundations that are in need of our help beginning with foundations connected to the Navajo community. We hope the @digdeepwater project will find relief with the $350,000 that we delivered to them last month."

"I personally have always believed in personal reparations to give back to the people who have shaped our land," she added. "I look forward to updating you on the rest of the donations that we make throughout the year."

See Del Rey's post below.

Photo: Getty Images