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Halsey & Alanis Morissette Perform Acoustic Version Of 'Alanis' Interlude'

Halsey and Alanis Morissette came together for a powerful duet.

To celebrate this year's Pride Toronto event, the two singer-songwriters banded together to for a live, at-home acoustic version of “Alanis' Interlude,” off Halsey’s new album Manic. On the LGBTQ anthem, the singers proudly sing about women loving other women and what it means to be freed from sexual inhibitions.

“'Cause your p—y is a wonderland/ And I could be a better man/ It doesn't matter to me/ Your p—y is a wonderland/ And I could be a better man/ It doesn't matter to me,” Halsey and Morissette duet on the sensual chorus, which takes inspiration from John Mayer’s 2002 hit “Your Body Is A Wonderland.”

As fans know, the Jagged Little Pill legend is one of Halsey's biggest musical inspirations, so coming together this way must have been an unforgettable experience for the young star.

Speaking on how the song came to be in a previous interview, Halsey recalled courting Morissette for the song when she was around nine-months pregnant. “I wrote her a letter and she was nine months pregnant, maybe a little less, and I tried to tell her what an irrevocable impact she’d had on my life,” Halsey said. “I told her I would never have been brave enough to say the things I’ve said if she hadn’t said them first, and that I was making a record about all the important parts of me and I couldn’t imagine making it without her. And she said yes.”

Halsey went on to praise Alanis as someone who "represents sexual and professional empowerment," and how her sexual identity also inspired the song. "In case you missed any of the subtext on my last albums, I’m bi," Halsey added. "And I wanted this song to be very queer. Who better to do it with than Alanis, who’s one of the women who helped me feel comfortable with my sexuality as a young person?”

Photo: YouTube