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Cardi B-Backed 'Justice For George Floyd' Petition Makes History

As the momentum for George Floyd continues to make noise, the Cardi B-backed petition, which calls for the arrest of the four officers involved in his death, has made history at

As per a press release, which was sent out on Friday (May 29), the viral petition has obtained over five million signatures, with a growing rate of one signature every two seconds. This feat makes it the fastest growing petition on the site to-date and is expected to be their biggest petition of 2020. The petition, which was also endorsed by Ariana Grande and Common, started by Keller Sims, 15, who said it has gone further than he ever could have imagined. "I hope that this helps bring the justice for George Floyd and his family that they deserve," he added.

" is proud to have a platform that can amplify the fight for racial injustice in this country," Alaina Curry, spokesperson for, said in a statement. "Reaching five million signatures has been an incredible milestone for not just the site but for the millions of Americans who have joined together to stand up against racism and police brutality. The fight is not over, but we celebrate an unforgettable and historic moment on today."

As you know, footage of Minnesota officer Derek Chauvin firmly kneeling on George's neck for several minutes recently surfaced on the internet. The brutal clip saw the 46-year-old beg with the officer, as well as three others, to release him as he could not breathe. Floyd went ignored and fell unconscious, before being transported to a local hospital and passing away. While the four officers were fired, Chauvin has recently been taken into custody. The viral petition calls upon Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and District Attorney Mike Freeman to arrest and charge all officers for police malpractice. Click here to sign the petition!

Photo: Getty Images