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Justin Bieber Shares Gorgeous Acoustic Version of 'Intentions'

Justin Bieber's "Intentions" from his new Changes album is already a bop, but now, we can enjoy a gorgeous acoustic version of the pop track.

Bieber's acoustic version of "Intentions" is simply Justin and his acoustic guitar (and sans Quavo's verse) as he sings about his wife in the lyrics, like in the chorus, "Picture perfect, you don't need no filter/ Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you a killer/ Shower you with all my attention/ Yeah, these are my only intentions/ Stay in the kitchen cookin' up, got your own bread/ Heart full of equity, you're an asset/ Make sure that you don't need no mentions/ Yeah, these are my only intentions."

After sharing his new version of "Intentions," he said to fans on social media, "You asked for it. Intentions acoustic for the #changes album. Now stay inside."

When Justin first released Changes, he opened up about the meaning behind of the songs on the album, and of "Intentions" he explained, "It talks about my intentions with my wife to love her [until] death do us part, and it's really special to me." Bieber added of working with Quavo, "We've done records together in the past and I just loved working with him every time. We've had so much fun performing this song together and I'm super grateful he decided to be a part of it."

Bieber also explained of what it was like putting together his first album since 2015's Purpose, "This album's been so therapeutic to make. Having the ability to share my life challenges, changes, love life [and] growth with the people who follow what I do is amazing. I love creating art both visually and sonically, and I'm excited for everyone to experience this album with me."

Listen to Justin Bieber's acoustic version of "Intentions" above!