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Drake Celebrates Career Milestone In The Most Drake Way Possible

They don't call him Champagne Papi for nothing!

To celebrate breaking the record for most Billboard Hot 100 entries ever, Drake did what Drake does best (besides the whole rapping thing, of course) — he popped some bottles.

On Monday (March 16), the 33-year-old rapper took to Instagram Stories to share the news after he surpassed the Glee cast's 207 Hot 100 singles chart entries by earning his 208th entry, courtesy of his new feature on Lil Yachty's "Oprah's Bank Account, which also features DaBaby and debuted at No. 89 on the Hot 100 chart this week.

In his celebratory reality-bending Instagram clip, Drake opened his champagne fridge — yes, he has a fridge specifically for champagne — and proceeded to open the bottle while huge champagne bottles floated around him. Once uncorked, money started shooting out of the floating bottles as Drake poured his bottle of bubbly into a glass. You know, casual.

Given Drake's new record, he now tops some of the music industry's legends, including Lil Wayne, Elvis Presley, Jay-Z, Eminem and more.

To see just how much Drake is leading the pack, check out a list of artists with the most 100 entries of all time below.

Most Hot 100 Entries Of All-Time (per Billboard)

208, Drake

207, Glee Cast

168, Lil Wayne

109, Elvis Presley

108, Nicki Minaj

107, Kanye West

100, Jay-Z

99, Chris Brown

97, Taylor Swift

93, Future

91, James Brown

88, Eminem

80, Justin Bieber

75, Ray Charles

73, Aretha Franklin

71, The Beatles

Photo: Getty Images