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BTS Covers Bruno Mars, Leads a Dance Class & More During Carpool Karaoke

It finally happened! At long last, BTS went on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, and if this is what car rides and road trips are like with the band, SIGN. ME. UP. Every last second of this was truly incredible from start to finish. So buckle up, because we're about to relive all of the best moments from this nearly 17-minute journey.

First of all, it's a good thing James has an extra row of seats in his car, otherwise, he might not have been able to fit everybody. Because obviously, "MIC Drop" only works if all seven BTS members are there, and that happened to be the song they kicked the ride off with.

RM was riding shotgun up in the front seat next to James and revealed that he learned English by watching Friends. He said, "I've taught myself [English] by [watching] 'Friends' ... my mom bought me the DVDs of the whole seasons, ten seasons, and I watched it over with the subtitles, first with the Korean subtitles, then with the English subtitles, and then without it. So I think that really helped me out."

However, a couple of the guys revealed that they had also watched friends, but it didn't have the same effect. But they are still fans of the show — they even sang the theme song! Hand claps and all.

The guys also sang along to Bruno Mars' hit song "Finesse," which RM put on his shades for — and Bruno approved! On Twitter, the singer thanked BTS for covering his song.

The BTS Army has given different members in the band some nicknames, so it was only appropriate that the group gave Corden a nickname too. After talking about the fact that Jimin's nickname was "Mochi," like the delicious ice cream filled rice cake dessert, Jimin dubbed James "Papa Mochi."

BTS also revealed which celebrities they have loved meeting the most so far, and Post Malone's name came up amongst Madonna and Nas, which ultimately led to a "Circles" sing-along. So, what was it like meeting Posty? See below.

Finally, BTS made a stop at a cardio fitness class where they got to teach some of their dance moves to James, the class instructor and everyone else there getting their cardio in for the day. Watch BTS' entire Carpool Karaoke above!