Bullied Teen Gets A Heartwarming Surprise From Classmates Who Mocked Him

A freshman at MLK College Preparatory High School in Memphis, Tennessee spent the first few weeks of classes getting mocked and bullied by fellow students because of his wardrobe. Michael Todd wears the same clothes every day because his mother cannot afford to keep buying him new clothes as he grows.

"I've been bullied my entire life," he told WHBQ-TV. "I really don't have clothes at home. My mom can't buy clothes for me because I'm growing too fast."

One of his tormentors, Kristopher Graham, started to feel bad about how Todd was being treated and knew he had to make things right.

"When I saw people laugh and bully him, I felt like I needed to do something," Graham said.

He went home and started pulling out some of the old clothes from his closet and messaged his friend, Antwan Garrett, to see if he had any clothes he would be willing to bring over.

The next day, the two football players asked to speak with Todd in the hallway during his third-period class and gave him a surprise.

"He wasn't smiling or anything, and I was like 'I think this is going to make you smile.' We're in the same third period, and I apologize for laughing at you, and I want to give you something to make it up," Graham told him.

They handed Todd a gift box filled with shirts, pants, and even some new shoes, so he didn't have to wear the same thing every day.

"You guys are the best guys of my entire life," Todd told his new friends.

His reaction to their act of kindness almost brought the two football players to tears.

"It was a weak moment for me. I almost cried," Garrett said.

They hope that their actions will inspire others to help out somebody who may be less fortunate than they are.

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