Mom Spends $30,000 To Look Like Meghan Markle

It seems like the public loves everything about Meghan Markle. From her new baby Archie to her marriage to Prince Harry, she has been in headlines for years. Well one fan took her obsession to a new level - she spent $30,000 to look like the Duchess of Sussex.

Her name is Tanya Ricardo and the 30-year-old from Houston explained to Inside Edition what's behind her desire to look like the former actress. Ricardo stated, "She's beautiful, she's just graceful. She's a very, very graceful woman." Tanya went on to say, "Our height is similar, our weight is similar, and I just want what she has that I don't." To get that, she underwent surgery to change her cheekbones and give herself "great curves."

The divorced mom is aware of what people might think of her decisions but accepts that. She revealed, "They say I'm very crazy for doing this, but I don't care. I'm going to do it."

Ricardo turned to Dr. Franklin Rose for her eight procedures - liposuction under her chin, on her stomach, hips and lower back, a Brazilian butt lift, breast implants, and cheek contouring and filler in her face.

As for the results, she said, "I am extremely happy with my Meghan Markle makeover.

Perhaps Tanya will now find her own Prince Harry.

Photo: Getty

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