Eminem's Daughter Posted Hot Bikini Pics & His Fans Don't Know How To React

Fans of Eminem have not only watched his career grow over the past two decades, but they've also watched his daughter grow too. Little Hailie Jade Scott Mathers was born on Christmas Day in 1995, the rapper's only biological child. Now, she is 23 years old and, like most twenty-somethings, has her own Instagram page. She recently shared some pics of herself while on vacation in Hawaii. In them, she shows off her body while wearing a two-piece black bikini in front of a waterfall. She captioned the shots, "Sorry TLC but i’ve been chasing waterfalls. Second picture is proof i got in and third is the reality shot once i saw some type of fish in there that looked like baby sharks."

Hailie looks amazing in the pics, but fans of her father weren't sure how to react.

It's not the first time Hailie has shared sexy pics. Her followers are treated to them often:

As for her relationship with her dad, she recently told the Daily Mail that he's very supportive of her adding, "We are very close."

You can follow Hailie here.

Photo: Getty Images

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