Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Party Together At NYC Gay Bar

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence are totally girls night out goals! Fan videos flooded social media this weekend of the Grammy award winning vocalist and Oscar winning actress having the time of their lives at a Greenwich Village gay bar called Pieces. The entertainers apparently let loose for a night of drinking and debauchery, even participating in some on-stage fun with drag queen host Brita Filter!

According to a report from Glamour, some fans speculate that the rowdy romp could actually have been a bachelorette party for J Law thrown by the "Chasing Pavements" singer herself! News broke last month of Jennifer Lawerence's engagement to art gallery director Cooke Maroney, so what would be a better occasion to celebrate out on the town?

New York City's 2018 Entertainer of the Year and Pieces Friday night emcee Brita Filter posted video clips and photos of the celebrities enjoying themselves on their night out. See above as the entire crowd cheers after Adele introduces herself as "contestant number three" in a game of musical shots. According to Brita, Jennifer also tackled the "Hello" singer on-stage after didn't win said game.

Casual bar attendees also covered the night on social media with video clips of the entertainers. Adele got a little bit cheeky on-stage replying that she's "actually at the moment a stay at home mom" when ironically asked what she did for a living.

Twitter user @JoeMichaelll shared "I’M AT PIECES AND ADELE AND JENNIFER LAWRENCE ARE HERE LMFAOO" which honestly pretty much encapsulates what everyone in the bar was feeling that night.

Other attendee tweets stated "JENNIFER LAWRENCE AND ADELE WENT THERE TOGETHER, UGH FRIENDSHIP GOALS" and "Randomly getting turnt with JeLaw and Adele. NBD."

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