Sam's Goodwill Great Find Of The Week: 2-Piece Chanel Suit

Sam's Goodwill Great find of the week!   

The designer brands at Goodwill literally never end. Last week the Goodwill at 14th street had the most fabulous Rachel Zoe purse and this week you cold get even luckier with this 2 piece authentic Chanel suit from the online store! The site works like an auction where there's a starting price and people have to bit on the piece. The starting auction price is $14.99 which is just so reasonable! This piece in particular is amazing with it's sharp lines making it very sexy and also smart at the same time. 

The things that could be found at these Goodwill stores and online are insane. Designer brands in amazing condition... Go check out one of their many locations in the New York/New Jersey area

Catch ya next time! :) 

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