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This Guy Can Perfectly Recite Scenes from 'Shrek' and It's So Impressive

Maria Karras was traveling home from a camping trip with her family in Indiana over the weekend when she captured pure magic on film. Her brother, TJ, just happens to be a Shrek connoisseur and can recite a full scene from the movie perfectly. Not to mention, his Shrek and Donkey impressions are quite accurate. 

Maria shared the two minute video on Twitter and it quickly blew up. The hilarious clip has almost 50,000 retweets, which makes sense because Shrek is basically the greatest movie of all time.  TJ obviously agrees because he knows the film's dialogue like the back of his hand. Check out the video below:


According to Buzzfeed, the video was originally intended to be shared in a Snapchat group Maria and TJ shared with their eleven cousins. Due to TJ's ability to recite the full scene, the video ended up being too long for Snapchat. Maria ended up sharing the video on her Twitter account instead, so, all her cousins could still see the hilarity. 

"I've always imitated Shrek scenes and quoted lines since I was younger, so their voices are easier to remember," TJ explained. "As far as memorizing it all, I owe that to the amount of times I've watched it!""

For reference, here is the actual scene from the movie: 


Bravo, TJ. You're knowledge of Shrek is truly impressive. I can't even remember what's on my grocery list and I wrote that 10 minutes ago. 

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