Justin Timberlake Denies *NSYNC Reunion Rumors, But The Buzz Is Building

Justin Timberlake has flat out denied rumors that *NSYNC and Janet Jackson will be joining him at Sunday's Super Bowl LII halftime show, but there's still buzz building, at least for the former.

On Thursday (February 1), Timberlake told reporters at a Super Bowl press conference in Minneapolis that the pop collective is not reuniting for the highly-anticipated set, but TMZ reported the sighting of another *NSYNC member in the downtown area might suggest otherwise. Even though Joey Fatone was spotted in Orlando on Wednesday night, his publicist and manager did reveal he is now in Minnesota for some appearances ahead of the big game. Meanwhile, Lance Bass' manager said that he's back in home in Los Angeles after a skiing trip in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. No word on the locations of Chris Kirkpatrick or JC Chazes, but you do the math. That means that two members are in Minneapolis, one is in Los Angeles and the other two are unknown.

Nonetheless, Fatone is still denouncing the rumors, recently betting a TMZ photog $1,000 that he will not be part of JT's set alongside his old pop brothers. Let's see how it all plays out on Sunday when the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles face off for the championship game.

Photo: Getty Images

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