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Classic Ugg Boots Now Have Heels

Would you wear these boots?

Ya gotta admit Uggs are incredibly warm. Putting your foot into an Ugg is like walking on clouds, but now that brand is mixing things up with a heel on their classic boot.

The Kasen boot, Old School boot, Old Hollywood boot and Cocktail Hour boot all have that classic chestnut suede exterior and fluffy lambswool with the addition of a crepe-like rubber heel. 

Long gone are the early 2000s, filled with scant mini skirts and bare legs paired with Ugg boots. Now, they're practically a staple for people who live in cold climates and love comfort (and for actors on the set / celebs walking their dogs).

Think you'll add these to your Christmas list this year?

These boots will make you look good. Trust us on this one. #UGGLife

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