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#WhatsTrending: Who Knew U Could Love Silverware?

posted by Bethany Watson -

I normally feature things like makeup, apps, and websites on What's Trending. I definitely don't feature silverware! Most of us get our silverware as hand-me-downs from our parents (or, like me, you keep your ex's silverware after he moves out). But I recently used a spoon from the company Knork when I was eating ice cream, and it was the best spoon I ever used! This sounds so strange but the silverware from Knork is super smooth, it's the right kind of heavy, and the way it's shaped and balanced helps you cut through food easier! Plus, their silverware comes in these crazy awesome finishes like Antique Copper, Satin Brass and Black Titanium. Get yourself some grown-up, matching silverware! And because buying new silverware can get expensive, I also got you a great deal! Use the code "Trending" and get yourself 45% offBon app├ętit!



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