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I’ve always been the girl who talked too much, talked too fast, and had too much sass…LOOK AT ME NOW, MA! It’s Yaritza (Yuh-ritz-uh… I hope that helps with the pronunciation! My mom got my name from a novela) I’m the Phone Producer, so if you call into the show, there’s a 99.9% chance you’re talking to me. Make sure to say what’s up!

I’m that millennial that is extremely proud of being who I am, will strive to be even better, and can talk to you at 200 words per minute – be careful, I’m bilingual so it’ll probably be a mix of fast-paced Spanglish. I’m the Modern-day Gilmore Girl that Lorelai would be proud of!

If I’m not at work, I’m either taking A LOT of snapchats, drinking lots of coffee, singing along to Selena Gomez/Selena Quintanilla, and binge-watching as if it were my full-time job.

I’m currently on two different journeys to live “my best life”: getting my curls to be as wacky and big as my loudmouth and getting as many snapchats of me on a mountain as I can over the next few years – may I say it… I have wanderlust! 

Prepare to see all my failed attempts at achieving these goals on my Instagram or snapchat: CallMeYaritza


Holly Golightly (Ugh, I wish ----- Yaritza

That Girl with the Big Hair





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