CRAPPY JOB AFTER COLLEGE: So you graduated and now it's time to get a job. What crappy job did you take just because you needed something?

CAMPING DISASTER: Greg T's buddy recently asked him if he wanted to go on a camping trip with him this summer. Greg T said no, and that camping really isn't for him. His friend revealed a story about getting Poison Oak all over his body while camping. Why does anyone think is camping fun?! What's your camping disaster?

HR: Greg T overheard someone in an elevator that said she was called into HR because she was being 'unprofessional.' What does that mean? Why were you called into the HR?

NOT YOUR MEDICINE: Have you ever taken someone else's medicine? A friend of Greg T's accidentally took his girlfriend's birth control pill. He freaked out, but nothing happened. So, what happened to you?

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