RANDOM TEXT: Greg T received a text from a total stranger the other day and it contained some sensitive information! What CRAZY random text did you receive?

I SWEAR I SAW...: There you were, living your regular everyday life and BAM, a celebrity appeared before your eyes! Who was it? Were they nice?

CAUGHT AT A CONCERT: The other day Coaster Boy Josh caught a drumstick from Lars at the Metallica concert! What did you catch at a concert?

POTATOES: There are so many ways to make potatoes! Tater tots, mashed, baked, french fries, scalloped, waffled, disco, chips, salad, home fries, hash browns... endless! What's your favorite kind of potato?

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!: Greg T is counting down to the next NFL season. There are 114 days to be exact. What big event are you counting down to?

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