GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD: Skeery just told us about how his parents got a flat tire. A person pulled over and helped his parents, and wouldn't take money in return. The stranger helped just because they are a good person. What good person has helped you?

THE CRAZY CAT: Danielle just got two sweet new cats. But what about crazy cats? Do you have a crazy cat and what has it done to be crowned "crazy cat?" Has your cat ever attacked someone? Have you ever been attacked by a crazy cat?

LUCKY NUMBER: Greg T's favorite number is 13, but it hasn't done anything for him! What is your lucky number? What has it ever gotten you? Say your lucky number is 4, what has the number 4 ever done for you? Why do you claim to have a lucky number if it's done nothing for you?

DRAGGED OUT KICKING AND SCREAMING: Today there is a viral video of a man being dragged off an airplane. He didn't want leave. Where were you dragged out of when asked, but you didn't want to leave?

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