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Skylar Stecker Hits Hollywood Boulevard In New 'Only Want You' Video

Folks hit Hollywood Boulevard for several reasons, including the street vendors, eccentric performers and, of course, the legendary Walk of Fame. But for Skylar Stecker, it was all about shooting the music video for her new single, "Only Want You," which debuted on Friday (March 10).

Recorded in one continuous take, the clip sees the budding star take to the famed street for a little sing and dance to the bouncy pop track with the help of director Logan James. It's a concept that the 14-year-old star had in mind when she was at home in Southern California. "I told my manager 'I'm so excited about this song that I want to go out and sing it in the street at the top of my lungs," Skylar said in a statement. "In fact, I'd like to sing it walking right down Hollywood Boulevard and that's just what we did."

"Only Want You" was produced by hitmaker Tricky Stewart (Rihanna, Britney Spears) and the result of Tricky's belief in her talents. "Working with Skylar was an amazing experience," the producer admitted. "I don't hear voices like hers everyday but the ones that I have heard on this level have all become massive stars. I'm anticipating the same for Skylar."

Click here to buy Skylar Stecker's "Only Want You" on iTunes.

Photo: YouTube/Skylar Stecker