I'm equal parts excited and terrified to get her. 

My husband and I are getting a little girl kitten. We are so in love with the idea of having a cute new addition to our family, BUT I'm also terrified that I'm going to mess up this perfect little creature. I mean... look at her! She's grey and pink! 😽 

How do I keep her alive?

I've been walking around the apartment trying to figure out what needs to be moved or put away before Cannoli's arrival and I have DEATH TRAPS EVERYWHERE. Think there's a chance she'll knock over my yoga mat and crush herself? 😿 What if she chokes on her food?! Do I need to take a kitty CPR class? Do those even exist? What if I drop a piece of onion on the floor while I'm cooking and she eats it? Will she instantly die? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I LOVE HER SO MUCH ALREADY. 

Most importantly, I've been worrying that she won't love me! 

This is so pathetic, but I googled "how to make my kitten love me." Turns out tons of other people have googled that too! I want to be her best friend. What if she's a really sassy cat and doesn't like me? I hope Cannoli cuddles me forever and ever and ever. Kitty nuzzles are the best! 

If you have any tips or tricks on how to make a cat love you, please send them my way! Also, if you have any kitten/cat life hacks, I want to hear those too! 

Love and the cat life,

Web Girl Kathleen