Greg T's Daughter Ella Took Over 'Topic Train'

Greg T's Daughter Takes Over Topic Train

Greg T's Daughter Takes Over Topic Train

Greg T's daughter Ella decided to hijack her Dad's signature Topic Train segment on-air and we gotta say... she did a great job! Check out her topics + the video of her in-studio take over below!

WANTED TO _____, BUT DAD NEVER LET ME: Ella, Greg T's daughter, likes to go for bike rides by herself around the block, but her dad won't let her go alone. What did you always want to do, but your father always said no? #TopicTrain

WEIRD THING: Greg T likes to shave his whole body, but his kids think it's weird! What weird thing does your Dad like to do? #TopicTrain

LITTLE LIES: Greg T likes to smoke cigars. Ella, his daughter, says that they are bad for him. He says that they aren't that bad because he doesn't inhale them. What little lies did your Dad tell you growing up? Does he still tell you little white lies to you now? #TopicTrain

UNDERWEAR: Greg T's daughter, Ella, says that her dad likes to walk around the house in his underwear. He wears black and sometimes gray underwear. What kind of underwear did your dad walk around in? #TopicTrain

COOKS GREAT: Greg T makes a great breakfast on the weekends. Ella, his daughter, loves his scrambled eggs and bacon. What is your favorite thing your Dad makes or cooks? #TopicTrain