Woman Volunteers To Bring School Lunches To Students In Orlando

Michael Simon emailed me about his dear friend Kelli Langton, whom is changing LIVES in the Orlando Florida area.

She’s a mother of two, and when her kids were unable to go to school she unintentionally found out that the public-school system was STILL able to provide meals for children! The only caveat was the children need to be present at the school.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for a lot of families, whether it be due to lack of transportation or some people just don’t have the ability to leave their homes at all.

Knowing that lots of families are not doing well right now and those children still really need those meals, Kelli actually petitioned the district and got the rules changed! The district now provides her with several hundreds of meals a day, that she her children, and a few other helpers, volunteer to bring throughout the Orlando area to children in need!

These two kids are only 9 and 11, and they have one of the best role models for a parent I have ever heard of. Thank you, Kelli!

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