Producer Sam's Complete Guide To Tokyo

HI GUYS, it's me Sam! So, a lot of you have been asking me about my trip to Tokyo. What exactly I did, how I planned it, what I'd suggest, and the truth is, I would suggest everything. EVERYTHING I GOT TO DO WAS AMAZING!!!! But I know It can be kind of hard to start to plan a trip of this magnitude, so I made a little video showing off my time from my point of view! Honestly? It would be impossible to get all the footage from my trip into one video....that would be a major motion picture, instead. BUT here is what I managed to put together, as well as a full list of my activities and a little commentary on them and if you want to watch my video you can do so here!

SPECIAL LOVE to the Omo5 Hotel- the people were so knowledgable and friendly, and helped with anything we needed. The breakfast was so good that we made sure to eat in every morning, and the room was AMAZING! Kinda made it hard to leave every day


  • Tsukiji Old Fish Market
  • -an authentic fish market where the locals shop. I took a shot of "hornet juice" which I was told will make me strong, so, LOOK OUT!
  • Akihabara (electricity town)
  • -a game lover's paradise! My boyfriend was running around in his PRIME while we visited themed restaurants like Gundam Cafe, and buying super rare games at Super Potato
  • Senso-Ji Temple & Kaminarimon Gate (Asakusa area)
  • -this may have been one of my favorite spots. The temple is HUGE and STUNNING and is surrounded by shrines of respect and tradition. I got to see the sacred fountain, AND I healed a part of my body with their smoke pit! PLUS has shopping right down the street! Nakamise Street has great gifts and you can even rent a kimono!
  • Harajuku
  • -I DECLARE THIS IS THE FASHION CENTER OF THE WORLD!!!! I did not even get to see all of the stores this area has to offer, but I stopped in several well-known vintage shops, AND stopped for an ice cream cone the size of my face!! But the stores went for MILES!


  • Sanrio Puroland
  • HELLO KITTY IS AMAZING!!!! This place was one of the biggest surprises of my tripI grew up not having much of an opinion about Kitty but this adventure dome BLEW ME AWAY! There were incredible live musical performances, a beautiful display every way you look, games, food, everything. I am now a huge Hello Kitty lover!!!
  • Toyosu Lalaport
  • -This was a local shopping mall! We had to buy William an emergency shirt (long story), and it was so filled with interesting stores that I almost didn't make our next appointment in time!
  • Harumi-ya on the Yakata bune Boat
  • -DINNER CRUISE!!! This is a serious must-do for anyone. There was an even mix of tourists and locals, but we were fed and entertained all night as we sailed around some beautiful sights of the city. It's the last part of my video!


  • Ginza Vasara
  • -I was so blessed to get to visit this shop, and actually RENT A KIMONO!!!! William and I wore traditional kimonos (which we picked out ourselves), and were carefully dressed by a professional. You can see us strutting around in these in the video, it really was an experience.
  • Hamarikyu Garden
  • -We drank tea in the middle of a STUNNING garden, in a traditional ceremony! It was such a once in a lifetime experience, anyone visiting has got to try it. (Pro Tip: get there early! This way you can pick a seat and take all the photos!)
  • Ameyoko market
  • This was one place I wish we had more time ina mostly local shop area with standing bars, food, and little stores!
  • B-Bump (Akihabara area)
  • -If you are a climber, you already knew this gym was here. It was SO COOL! There are 4 floors of stunning climbing, and even a rooftop with an outdoor wall!
  • Tokyo Skytree®
  • -Ladies and gents, the tallest tower in the world. If you are into views, this is a must-stop. The elevator alone was a work of art, and you can see for miles and miles at the top. PLUS I had a delicious parfait, which is enough to get me to go anywhere! AND the Solamachi shopping center is right there! I got several goodies to bring home, and even one for myself


  • Toyosu Fish Market (Tuna auction, breakfast, Toyosu area)
  • -I woke up at 3:30 to get to see this Tuna auction take place, and MAN was it worth it! Chefs and restaurant buyers were walking around HUNDREDS of giant tuna, checking them each out, and figuring how much they would bid on which ones. The auction took place shortly after. Basically this is where everyone buys their fresh tuna and it was so wild to watch
  • MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless
  • this place is going to be hard to explainI just can't do it justice. Basically, it's a museum where every room is like falling into another Wonderland of Alice's imagination. It was INCREDIBLE and I was only able to feature a few rooms in the video, but there are tons more! Must-see-stop.
  • Imperial Palace
  • -a garden that put all other gardens to shame!!!


  • Nezu Shrine (Nezu area)
  • what a breathtaking traditional spot and very photogenic. There are dozens of red arches, shrines of foxes (a very protective animal which were cherished), and stages which were once used to entertain the city. This was one of my favorite shrines!
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observation Deck
  • -this is another popular spot for beautiful sights! You can get an entirely different view of the city, and maybe even see Mt. Fuji on a clear day!!!!
  • Shibuya Crossing
  • -the world's most bust intersection!!! It was so thrilling crossing with so many people that I decided to cross the street about 4 times!
  • Omotesando
  • -this shopping street was fact....I am wearing an outfit I purchased here right now!

I hope this has helped, but you have to understand ....Tokyo is one of the most incredible cities I have ever seen. My words, this video, nothing can ever do the justice it deserves. TRUST me when I say you want to go, and you want to plan it right. There are just too many incredible (traditional AND modern) sights to risk missing out!!! THANK YOU TOKYO AND MY FRIENDS IN TOKYO WHO MADE ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE FOR ME! My life is forever changed. I will be back.

You can also watch a video of my amazing trip to Tokyo here.