The Rock Recognizes Garrett

With social distancing in play, I wanted to do something fun with a bunch of friends outside our group text. Now trying to figure out WHAT was the hardest part until it HIT me, SOCIAL DRINK. I saw a few videos and wanted to put a different spin on it but make it fun and look like we all had a drink together.

We landed on 'The Rock's Teremana Tequila', we have all seen it on his social media and figured WHY NOT! After we got the video done, the next part was very unexpected. A few days went by and I started to get a TON of notifications in Twitter and to our SHOCK, The Rock noticed our little video. Check out the response below:

To think that all this took no more than an hour worth of work is pretty cool to see a big payoff like this! Now, the NEXT goal is to actually have a drink (responsibly) with Dwayne in person or even virtually!