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Gandhi Explains How A 'Karen' Ruined Her Weekend

'Karen' is the meme seen around the Internet. The meme calls for using the name 'Karen' to explain anyone that asks to 'speak to the manager' or someone who loves to complain.

Urban dictionary defines 'Karen' as someone who:

  • gives raisins to kids on Halloween
  • drives an SUV to carpool kids to soccer practice, better hope the ref doesn’t make a wrong call because she will sue!
  • loves to use snapagram to post her workout selfies
  • after a long day of talking to managers and driving her kids around she sits down with her mom friends at book club and drinks lots and LOTS of wine

Today Elvis Duran called for anyone named Karen to call in and let us know what they think of the memes and asks if they'e ever complained to the manager! Then Gandhi chimes in telling how a real life Karen got in the way of her weekend firework plans!

Listen to the calls and story below!