Cosmo's List of 17 Things Every Guy Should Own By Age 25

Listen up, guys! This one is for you! 

Cosmo (one of our fav magazines / online reads) is spot on with this list for guys, is out with a list of all the things guys should own by the time they turn 25! From a savings account to shirts that aren't graphic tees, we 100% agree with this list. 

Print it out. Read it carefully. Time to step up your adulting game. 


Read the full article here:

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1. An actual bed frame.

2. Separate shampoo and conditioner

3. Jeans that fit you

4. A standard, everyday cologne

5. Sneakers that you never work out in

6. Tops that aren't graphic tees or flannels

7. A well-tailored suit

8. Real storage units

9. Skin. Care. Products.

10. Boxer-briefs!

11. Condoms

12. Cookware (and real groceries)

13. Lots and lots of books

14. *Framed* wall art

15. A toothbrush holder for your person

16. A savings account

17. Something fun that doesn't have a screen

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