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#TopicTrain: Cheerleaders, Resume Lies and More!

LIED ON YOUR RESUME: Have you ever lied on your resume to get a job? Froggy has a theory people lie on their resume all the time! Are you in over your head? Are you currently at a job where you had to lie on your resume? 

CHEERLEADER: Greg T loves how cheerleaders do their cheers! He wants you to make up a cheer about our morning show! 

FORTNIGHT: Who have you lost to the world of #Fortnight? Greg T has friends that won't leave their home and stop playing! How much are you playing FortNight? Have you broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend over it? 

BROKEN LEG: Have you ever broken your leg? What happened?

IT'S A CRIME: Greg T's garbage company won't pick up his extra trash unless he pays $5 a bag extra! He won't do it! What are you refusing to pay? What is it, and how much $$? IT'S A DAMN CRIME!