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Fill Your Timeline with Positivity!

I'm trying harder and harder to surround myself with people who build me up rather than make me feel terrible about myself. And that doesn't just apply to your friends and family. If you think about how often you're on social media, you're probably seeing your favorite Instagrammers more than you see some of your friends! That's why I've started making it a point to fill my Instagram timeline with accounts that build me up. In the week I've been doing this, I've noticed a huge change in how I treat myself! I'm being way more gentle with the way I talk to myself and much more forgiving when I look at myself in the mirror. 

The account that's made the biggest difference for me is Khrystyana. She's a model with a totally normal body, and she doesn't try to mask or distort what her body looks like. She's also competing on America's Next Top Model right now! I also love following RozTheDiva. She's a pole dancer and instructor in New York who has amassed a huge following because of how fun and positive she is! (She's known for singing along to the songs she performs and teaches to, which pulls people into her performance and helps them be less nervous when they first start taking pole classes!) 

Another great account is TheBodyIsNotAnApology. It's an account about accepting the parts of yourself - and others - that may seem broken or unacceptable. FoodByMaria is all about not being afraid of food and instead having fun with it! Plus, Maria speaks and blogs about suffering from bulimia and is very open about living with an eating disorder.

And the #bodypositivity movement isn't just for women! NotoriouslyDapper is an author, model, dancer, blogger and activist whose goal is to encourage men to accept and embrace their bodies. He's also one of the personalities behind the account EffYourBeautyStandards!

Social media can stress us out and show us "perfect" people who seem to have perfect lives. But if it's playing such a large role in our lives, we need to take ownership of the messages we surround ourselves with. Start curating your timeline to help you feel your best!

-Bethany Watson