Coaster Boy Josh's Nephew Needs Your Help -- Please Donate

As some of you know, on January 28th, 2017, my brother Scott and my sister-in-law Tara gave birth to Asher.

❤️ ❤️

Due to complications related to gestational diabetes and birth trauma, in addition to having portal vein thrombosis (blood clot in liver), and an enlarged aorta, Asher has spent his first month in an Intensive Care Nursery. With Tarah at Asher's side, Scott has been on house duty taking care of Cam (their first born), traveling back and forth to the hospital every day so they can have some semblance of family time. To summarize, it's been a stressful month.

Asher is finally home now, but it's only the beginning in terms of required medical attention. An enlarged aorta is extremely rare in a newborn, therefore they've been told to expect multiple follow-ups with expensive cardiology, neurology, hematology, ophthalmology and genetics specialists. As if having a child isn't stressful enough, having a special needs child that requires medical attention is on another level.

As a brother and an uncle, I'd love to have Scott and Tarah stress about the typical new baby stuff like changing disgusting newborn diapers or breastfeeding awkwardly in public. And hopefully, we as family and friends (or friends of friends), can take care of the unexpected financial burden. This is why Tarah's sister Kenzie set up a GoFundMe page. And this is why I'm posting this. The link is below and if there is anything you can contribute, we all would greatly appreciate it. $10? $5? $1? Seriously, ANY amount helps!

And if you can't donate at this time, hopefully you can share to someone that can. Thank you for reading this ❤️ I'll keep you updated on Asher. Thanks.

Click here for Asher's GoFundMe page: