12 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season

It's Fall.

Move over, Winter.  Sit down, Spring.  You're a bummer, Summer.  What's the best season of the year?  Must be the Season of the Witch!  No offense to snowmen, The Easter Bunny, butterflies and beach days.... late September thru Turkey Time is the most wonderful time of the year.

Here's a dozen reasons why....

news onePumpkins

Yeah yeah yeah.  Pumpkin spice is all the rage.  Not a fan.  But let's face it - there would be no pumpkin spice without pumpkins.  Also no pumpkin picking, pumpkin pie. Jack-O-Lanterns. Gourds. Roasting pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin cider.  The list goes on.

Linus may never have encountered The Great Pumpkin, but that pumpkin patch?  Utopia.


news two

Autumn Leaves

Spring flowers are pretty, green summers are reassuring, but those orange, yellow and brown leaves are the most picturesque of all.  Those leaves falling from the trees may, in a way, represent the end of a life cycle, but damn, those *colors*.

news three

Crisp, Chilly Nights

Break out the sweaters, bust out the hoodies.  Yeah, it starts getting dark sooner, but those serene autumn breezes trump sticky summer nights any day.  The best part of autumn weather - no mosquitoes!  Peace out, calamine lotion.

 new four


Is there any greater holiday than Halloween?  If you're a kid, you get to dress up, you get scared, you get candy.  If you're an adult, you get to dress up, you get drunk, you get candy.  You decorate your place with orange lights and jack-o-lanterns, witches and zombies.

If you're a parent, you get to dress your children up like Frankenstein, Buzz Lightyear, Dora the Explorer or Pennywise the Clown, take them Trick or Treating and then eat half their candy.  Sky's the limit.

news five

Horror Movies

There's no excuse not to watch horror movies year-round, but watching them in the Fall is a birthright, practically mandatory.  George Romero, John Carpenter, The Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, Freddy Krueger.  Tim Burton, vampires, devils and demons.One could easily fill an entire October with scary fare.  Don't forget to make some popcorn.


news sixApple Picking

Apples are America.  Apple pie.  Apple cider.  Caramel apples.  Jump in the car with your favorite guy or gal, head to the orchard and have a field day.  Maybe take a hayride and meet a scarecrow while you're there.

 news sevenThanksgiving

Turkey for you, turkey for me.  And stuffing.  And sweet potatoes.  And corn.  And gravy.  And hot cider.  And dessert.  Are you in a food coma yet?  Me too.  Head to the couch, loosen your belt buckle, watch some football and enjoy a late November nap.

Oh yeah....also, family.

news eightPostseason Baseball

Sure, I'm biased.  I'm a Yankees fan.  I've seen a lot of October baseball in my day.  Exciting October baseball.  Do-or-die walk-off home runs, clutch hitting, big game pitchers, blown saves and broken hearts.  The Cubs finally won the World Series last year, bringing tears to the eyes of long-suffering Chicago fans, Bill Murray and Eddie Vedder.  Meanwhile, they beat the Cleveland Indians, another generation of fans who have yet to taste victory in the postseason.

The drama of winning and losing The World Series is palpable, no matter what side you're on.  Take me out to the ballgame.

 news nine


I'm Italian, so wine is my liquor of choice (whisky is a close second).  But most will agree that beer ain't so bad, either.  Oktoberfest is a solid excuse to sample what has become a vast selection of beers from around the globe.  Munich, of course, is the go-to destination for a proper Bavarian beer bonanza, but O-Fest has spread far beyond its point of origin for all you boozers to enjoy.  

 news ten

Fall TV season

When I was a kid - and your television was the only place you could watch new shows (Netflix?  What's Netflix?), this was a much bigger deal.  But late September is still prime time for the return of some of your favorite shows, and network television's increasingly difficult attempts to launch new series and new stars.  Iconic shows like Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons still demand your attention at this time of year.

news eleven

College Basketball season

The NBA gets all the glory, but college basketball has become a cottage industry, thanks to powerhouse institutions like Kentucky, Duke, Kansas and North Carolina.  The Madness doesn't truly start until March, but it's those first few months of the season that set the tone for the excitement of the tournament and distracts thousands of seniors from giving thousands of freshmen well-deserved wedgies.

news twelve

Cuffing Season

You can delete Tinder and Bumble from your phone, at least for a few months, thanks to cuffing season - that special time of year when the ladies come back from the beach and sipping late-night martinis with their girls and try to lock down a man to snuggle and go shopping with.Sure, guys - your wallet may take a hit, but isn't snuggling priceless?.........

Isn't it?????

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