This Is What Happened In Vegas - #iHeartFestival Night 1

It's the best time of year... #iHeartFestival weekend! 

This is what we've been up to in Vegas so far! 

Our friend Brian Freidman captured this incredible video of the iHeartRadio Festival stage being built!

Bethany snapped a postcard-worthy pic from her hotel room!  

Skeery found the pool!

Danielle and Bethany checked out Vegas' Official Neon Museum!

Then it was time for NIGHT #1 of our iHeartRadio Music Festival!

Elvis' hopped into the makeup chair to get camera-ready!  

Bethany and Elvis posed for a pic with some members of our iHeartRadio fam, Kane and Bobby Bones!

Elvis and Danielle chatted up Pink about kicking off the night's festivities!

Skeery Jones got ready to take over our Instagram and Snapchat stories!

Then our old show members Worst Assitant Anthony and Carla Marie stopped by!

Bethany and Scotty B settled in for an exciting night backstage in the control room!

A bold-suited Harry Styles joined Danielle and Elvis in the broadcast room!

Our friends Bebe Rexha, Heidi Klum, French Montana and Jared Leto stopped by too!

Ryan and Elvis couldn't help but show each other some iHeartRadio brotherly love!


Get all the highlights here! 

Elvis Duran and the Morning Show · We're your morning show family! Love all, serve all.

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