25 Celebs' Siblings You Probably Didn't Know About

We are all familiar with famous siblings like Beyonce and Solange, the Hadids and the Jonas Brothers, but did you know Ryan Gosling has a sister named Mandi? Or that actors Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein are siblings? Well, now you do! 

Keep reading to check out more artists you probably didn't know have siblings.

1. Camila Cabello has a younger sister named Sofia.

2. Selena Gomez has a half-sister named Grace.

3. Ryan Gosling has a sister named Mandi (L).

4. Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein are siblings. 

5. Rita Ora has two siblings, older sister Elena and a younger brother named Don.

6. Fergie has a sister named Dana.

7. John Mayer has an older brother named Carl (pictured, R) and a younger brother named Ben.

8. Kesha has two brothers named Louie (L) and Lagan (R).

9. JAY-Z has three siblings: Andrea, Eric and Michelle.

10. Katy Perry has a younger brother named David and an older sister named Angela.

11. Carrie Underwood has two sisters named Stephanie and Shanna.

12. Adele has a half-brother named Cameron.

13. Lorde has two sisters named Jerry and India (pictured, R).

14. Troye Sivan has two brothers; Steele and and Tyde and a sister named Sage.

15. Hailee Steinfeld has a brother named Griffin.

16. Chance the Rapper has a brother named Taylor Bennett (L).

17. Rihanna has a brother named Rajad Fenty.

18. Ed Sheeran has a brother named Matthew.

19. Meghan Trainor has two brothers named Ryan & Justin.

20. Adam Levine has a brother named Michael.

21. Shawn Mendes has a younger sister named Aaliyah.

22. There is a third Hemsworth brother. His name is Luke.

23. Ashton Kutcher has a fraternal twin brother, Michael and an older sister, Tausha Kutcher.

24. Jaden and Willow Smith have a half-brother named Trey. 

25. Emma Watson's younger Alex has been an extra in two Harry Potter films alongside Emma, who played Hermoine Granger.

Photos: Getty Images