Unicorn lovin' is here to stay! 

Unicorn fraps. Unicorn highlights. Unicorn cake. Unicorn toast

NOW, we've been given the gift of a unicorn sugar body scrub from FrankBody.com. The Austrailian based company, known for their coffee based scrubs, is out with a limited edition 'Unicorn' Shimmer Scrub that promises to make you feel like a magical, mythical creature. 

The key shimmering ingredient is 'glow dust,' which the website describes as "tiny gold and silver particles hug your skin after scrubbing to transform you into a glowing goddess. Just like crushed up disco balls, but without the sharp edges."

Before it was released, the novelty scrub had a 50,000 + waitlist but is currently fully stocked and available for purchase on FrankBody.com.

Ready to jump on this trend? 

Posted by Frank Body on Sunday, April 30, 2017