I thank the Internet for my curly hair journey because I honestly wouldn't have started if I didn't see how confident these curly influencers are on their websites! So to honor them, I'd like to start #ThirstyCurlyThursday to show you just how awesome they rock their natural beauty! 

To my first #ThirstyCurlyThursday:

This YouTuber/Instagram Curly Gal is known as Edgy, or @Curly.edgy on Instagram. She's AMAZING! I just discovered her this week (I know I should've been on the Curly.edgy train a long time ago..) and I think everyone should check her out! I'm even more obsessed because she has the same big mane I aspire to have...blonde, big, and beautiful 'fro **heart eyes emojis**

That texture...

That color...


I just had to find out how she got these looks, so I found her curly hair routine on her YouTube channel: 

Follow her on her Instagram account & YouTube channel!

I'm glad to have quenched your Curly Hair Thirst on this #ThirstyCurlyThursday.. See ya next week with even more curls to obsess over!


That Chick With The Big Hair




Image Source: Getty Images / JPM