Sooooo... I DID IT! 

💇🏽 💇🏽 💇🏽

I CUT OFF ALL OF MY HAIR... but it's actually the same length as its always been! I tried this new haircut technique called "The Devacut". It's specifically for girls with wavy/curly hair, so once I found this method I HAD to try it!

I read up on "going natural" and everyone said that I had to cut off all the damage that I've caused to my hair over the years from hair dye and heat, but honestly that sounded like the most horrifying thing to do. I GROW THIS HAIR MYSELF AND I'M PROUD OF IT AND ITS LENGTH!

I love my hair... which is why I decided I have to let it love me back! I have to treat it well and let go of the dead hair that was just weighing me down. It's actually liberating! YAS GURL YAS! Cut off everything that isn't doing you any, included! 

I've been dying my hair for about 9 years and thought I had the best curly hair ever. I was so wrong! Here are a few pictures that tell my curly hair journey:



AUGUST 2013 [I thought my hair was the curliest it could ever be]


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Then I dyed my hair blonde the summer of 2015 and it made my curly hair into waves: 

AUGUST 2015 [I was devastated with how my hair reacted to the color]

That time my sister (@raysa_xo) made me her experiment, as usual 💋

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I had to even start curling my once curly hair with the curling iron and it left my hair so cripsy that I didn't even know what to do:

JUNE 2016 [At this point I gave up on ever getting my curls back naturally]


I was fed up and went HEAT-FREE on October 10th 2016... it's actually much harder than you think because my curls were non-existent. I didn't want to go out with my hair looking anything less than perfect, so I was itching to just give up and blowdry my hair, but it wasn't worth it if I wanted to see any progress in my hair!

I discovered DevaCurl products and started watching Youtubers, such as The Find GuruHi F3licia, and Mydiamondsandg0ld that have really changed my curly hair regime. Three months and I had already seen some progress in my hair:

LATE DECEMBER 2016 [I realized I needed to cut off the straight strands I still had after months of no-heat]


Finally, I found @jerseycurlsalon and got my haircut on January 17th, 2017...Not going to lie, I cried for an hour after my haircut because I've never cut so much of my hair before, but I couldn't be happier with the results. I mean look at how bouncy it is now!!!!! 


Annnnnddd I'm dying my hair with my blonde specialist Sam and going even blonder..Can't wait to see how much more my hair will grow and change throughout the next couple of months! 



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