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As a lot of people know, I love yoga! BUT I also love Showga, which is what I call a photo of a yoga pose!



Although it's only a millisecond and does not represent an actual practice, Showga is an art form in itself! Here are my favorite 8 Instagram accounts to follow, in no particular order!



Who doesn't love a man who does yoga? No one, that is who! With this account, you don't have to pick just one. Drink 'em all in!




This couple is so fabulous!!!! They travel doing partner work all over the world, their attitudes are always bright and cheerful, PLUS they recently welcomed a baby girl into this world who is already joining them with their practice! In my mind we are all best friends. But don't tell them I said that.

🇮🇹 #EuropeFlashbacks That time we felt like gladiators! ⚔️ #YogaBeyond #Colosseum #Rome #Italy #2013

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Naya is a powerful and beautiful yogi who is  is always trying new ways to play with her practice! Plus she is constantly smiling! Those pearly whites are seriously contagious!




This. Girl. Is. Everything. She is a big girl, and an even bigger lover of her body! She really proves that size DOES NOT matter! Your body is capable of great things if you work at it, and to hell with all the haters!

It is so hard to find good athletic wear if you're a curvy person. Good isn't synonymous with "available"- it means fashion forward AND able to withstand the extreme work of holding in all of our curvy goodness without any breast explosions, legging roll downs, or ripped inner thigh seams. Most plus size apparel companies err on the side of full coverage and lose the style which makes me so sad- fat girls are sexy too, y'all. WE DESERVE BRALETTES AND SHORT SHORTS TOO, Y'ALL. I am so excited to be able to get you guys some @fullbeautystyle gift cards so three of you have the opportunity to buy a new outfit for your awesome active lifestyle. The winners are @melazing_butterfly, @forestgardengnome, & jennaschue88- email me for info on how to collect your $50 gift card! If you still want to win a @fullbeautystyle outfit and gym bag, enter the #FBSPORTSWEEPS- To enter, take a photo of yourself at your most powerful moment and tag it on Instagram or Twitter with #BEPOWERFULL & #FBSPORTSWEEPS in your caption OR upload: One winner will be chosen each Wednesday! Even if you didn't win, @fullbeautystyle's athletic wear pieces are extremely cost friendly and have pretty good sizing options- most items head up to a size 32! #BePowerfull Top+Leggings- @fullbeautystyle Photo by @zoelitaker

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This account is for none in particular. It just features some wonderful yogis, as well as positive and inspirational quotes/images that really put me in a good mindset!

Sunset Yoga ✨✨ @the_southern_yogi via @aloyoga

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Dylan Werner is one of my DREAM teachers! He is tatted out is beautiful colorful art, and his strength and flexibility are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! He just like what I would love for my practice to look like one day!




Kathryn is a yogi, an author, and a food lover! PLUS she's always after more- once she felt comfortable enough to be a teacher of yoga she decided to be come a student of martial arts and I am SO inspired by that! 





I love to follow her, because she's me! Lol!




xoxo, Sam