HEY GUYS! Sam here, your yoga-loving-meditation-preaching-cake-eating-loud-mouthed-pal! And I'm (finally) ready to get in shape.....I think.

So many people think I'm in great shape because I do yoga regularly (as you can see on my yoga Instagram, @samiyogi #ShamelessPlug). I mean, I am in a sort of shape, but it's very yoga specific! For example, a marathon runner is in great marathon shape, but that doesn't necessarily mean he/she can pump out a whole bunch of pull-ups like any high school kid who is on the wrestling team can! Fitness means SO many things and there are SO many different kinds! 

I have always been interested in whipping my butt into a more thick/ toned and well-rounded shape (right now people use "skinny" to describe me, which I honestly don't love. To me it is just as inappropriate a word as "fat"), and now I finally have help! My boyfriend William (@domkekongcountry) is not only in FANTASTIC functional shape, but he is now a certified personal trainer! YYYAAAYYYY! So he is currently devising a workout routine for me between now and our family trip to Mexico in a month! It's supposed to really shock my body into getting on the right track!!!! It won't be easy, and it might not even be fun LOL but if I do it right, it will be WORTH IT. 

So far I have only had to run a couple miles a day (like torture to me, I am so not a runner right now hahaha) to get my body and ankles used to shock-absorbing. Yoga is very slow and low impact, so I'm not trying to break anything here! However, the real stuff comes in next week!!! I will keep you posted and share my updates, so wish me luck!!! (grabs one more doughnut).

Love and Gratitude,