If you need some dinner inspiration, Kathleen is sharing her favorite (and incredibly easy) healthy spicy broccoli recipe!


1. Fresh broccoli 

2. Fresh garlic cloves

3. Extra virgin olive oil

4. Chick stock/broth

5. Crushed Red Pepper

6. Soy Sauce

7. Brown Rice

8. Shrimp or your choice of protein. 


1. Heat up a touch of oil in the pan. Set it to very low heat.

2. Add your chopped garlic! 

3. Let garlic get golden brown.

4. Add a touch of chicken broth/stock and let it sit for a min.

5. Add broccoli and turn heat up to low-medium.

6. Coat entire batch of broccoli in oil/garlic mixture.

7. Stir as needed. 

8. When broccoli is bright green, add soy sauce to taste.

9. Add crushed pepper to taste

10. Let it all soak in, but make sure you don't turn the heat up high.

11. Cook just enough that the broccoli is flavorful, but still a bit crisp. Don't let the broccoli get soggy!