chocolate chip pancakes

 I'm not a huge fan of pancakes or waffles or cereal... breakfast 24/7 doesn't appeal to me unless it includes fluffy eggs, thick cut bacon, hollandaise sauce and mounds of home fries.

I've always been a more of a savory person, so when I woke up this morning with a serious craving for pancakes... action needed to be taken. 

All the makings for pancakes, from scratch, were easily available in my small kitchen, but a more flavorful option presented itself to me in my cabinet: a box of banana nut bread/muffin mix. 

I got to work, adjusting the recipe on the back of the box and these were some of the best pancakes I've ever had! They were sweet enough on their own and didn't need syrup.  


 Betty Crocker Banana Nut Muffins



Box of Muffin Mix

1 Egg

Vegetable Oil / Canola Oil

1/2 Stick of Butter

Milk or Almond Milk (amounts will vary)

Chocolate Chips (optional)



1. Empty muffin mix into big mixing bowl.

2. Lightly beat an egg and add it to the mix.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of vegetable or canola oil. (If you are working with a lighter muffin mix, like blueberry, you can leave out the oil, but keep a close eye on consistency before you start cooking up your batch. You may need a touch more liquid.)

4. Add a liquid. I used 2/3rds + 1/4th a cup of almond milk, but regular milk or water would also work just as well. I wanted slightly thicker pancakes, but if you like them a bit thinner, continue adding 1/4th a cup of liquid until you reach your desired batter consistency.

5. Throw in a handful of chocolate chips (optional).

6. Warm the pan on low heat and cut yourself a thick pat of butter. Let it melt in the pan. (Cut a new pat of butter for every batch you do in the pan.)

7. Use the 1/4th measuring cup to scoop batter out of the bowl. I got about 3 pancakes in my pan at a time. 

8.  Make sure the melted butter touches the outside edge of every pancake. My stove sits slightly slanted, so I had to do a little pan tilting to distribute the butter.

9. Unlike regular pancakes, that let you know they are ready to flip when the tiny little bubble rise to the top of the uncooked side, these pancakes won't give you nearly as many bubbles.

10. Flip with care, the uncooked side is heavier than a regular pancake

11. Continued until you've made all your batter!  





 xoxo, Web Girl Kathleen


Pancake Image Source: Getty Images / sparkia

Muffin Box Image Source: Target / Betty Crocker