J.Lo is my coffee in the morning!

Danielle MonaroJennifer Lopez is one of my favorite recording artists of all time. In the early hours of the morning, nothing wakes me up like blasting my girl J.Lo (we're both tough chicks from the Bronx) to get me pumped for the day! 

My Freshman year of high school I attended Preston H.S. in the Bronx. Jennifer Lopez is an alumni from there. She came back after graduating to choreograph our show, "The Apple Tree." She would get so excited when I would get the dance steps right! Her sister Lynda was also in the show with me! AND, I was in choir with her sister Leslie. (I practically know the whole family! LOL) Very soon after I met her in high school Jennifer landed the show In Living Color as a 'Fly Girl!'

I've always been a huge fan of her style and beauty. Working in radio for 20+ years, I have had the privilege of getting to meet and interview her a handful of times.... and I swear, THE GIRL DOES NOT AGE! 

There are my top 5 Jennifer Lopez songs of all time!


1) Let's Get Loud





2) On The Floor 





3) Dance Again  




4) I'm Real  





5) Ain't It Funny



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