Okay, so let me explain. This week, Tuesday to be exact, was nothing short of magical. And no, I’m not being overly dramatic. Literally, it was UNREAL. I should probably start from the beginning…

Essentially, as I was sitting at the radio intern desk answering phones, David Brody came over to the radio intern desk and let me know that he wanted me to discuss a topic I submitted in the previous week on the air. ON THE AIR. I wasn’t ready. I was not mentally prepared. I figured maybe they would discuss the topic if they got to me, but no. It was happening.

Right after commercial break was over, I hear these words. Elvis says, “So, intern Bella, has a fun story for us…” And that was my cue to book it. My energy surged as I dashed out of my chair and flew across the room into the on-air suite. There have been moments in my life where I have been nervous, but not many times have beat this one.

Elvis, the morning show, and I discussed my first “kegger.” Which, is a story in itself friends, let me tell you. I may be a senior, and I may be 21, but I have the mind of an elderly woman and the experience of a second semester freshman.

I mentioned the entire story involving using my first keg, breaking out of my goody-two-shoes mentality and having the cops break up the entire party. I ended my entire story, to the millions listening, to not tell my mom. In which Elvis replied, well isn’t she listening? Touche Elvis, touche.

The entire on-air experience was a huge blur. Quite frankly, the quickest minute and thirty second’s of my life. A huge shout out to my boss, David Brody, for taking candid’s of an extremely nervous and jittery first timer.

Easily placing this day on my top ten list of moments I will never forget.

I gotta go lay down. My head is spinning from all this excitement.

Till next time!

~Intern Bella