Hello Elvis Duran Fans!


It’s your favorite mischievous intern Meghan! 


Now as you can see from all of the other intern blogs we get to meet a bunch of celebrities. Some celebrities we would’ve like to meet, but they came on a day we weren’t there *cough Chelsea Handler cough*. Still a little salty about that one. The guest I am about to talk about is the epitome of what a gentleman should be (no it’s not Shawn Mendes). This man sings songs that make you believe love is real. The man I’m talking about it none other than Mr.Michael Buble.


When I heard that Michael was going to be on the show I freaked out and begged Web Girl Kathleen to tell me when he coming in. He was going to come in one of the days I was working. OMG!!! 


Fast forward a week later and it’s the day! 


I made sure I looked nice, I wore a new olive green dress that I may or may not have bought for his visit.  


As soon as he walked in the room I was blown away. He was so handsome. 

Web Girl Kathleen let me sit in on the interview, which I owe her my life for that! Not only is he handsome, he is super funny!  He charmed the pants off me (literally I was wearing a dress). I love when guests come up here and make you love them even more than you already did. 


Honestly Michael is making me re-evaluate the type of man I want to be with. Maybe I should move to Canada. 


Like serious isn't he so handsome?!?!?! 😉😍😘


Michael Buble


There’s one more thing before I go light a candle and listen to the sweet sounds of Michael Buble. I want to make sure that I send Michael and his family lots of love and hope during this rough time. Stay strong.


Alright I’m gonna go light that candle now. 


See ya on the flip side! 


xoxo- Intern Megs     


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