Hi! I'm Scotty B! I've been with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show since it began over 16 years ago. For many years I was Greg T's babysitter...loaded with cash to bail him out of jail, with camera in hand to capture every crazy moment. Now I'm more behind the scenes, producing Z100's New York broadcast of the Morning Show. I've spent almost half my life here and still love to wake up before 4am for another day with the Morning Show!

I love to spend time with my family.  I met my awesome wife Amy while out on a bit with Greg T one morning.  I was so lucky to just randomly choose the shopping center we stopped off at that morning.  We have 2 adorable girls…Ashley and Cooper.  Along with our nutty Australian Shepherd Boomer, my life is complete!  I am Long Island born and raised. Radio brought me to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a brief time when I was 18...but things didn't quite work out and I've been back in New York ever since.

I love to save money…so much so, that I was on an episode of TLC's Extreme Couponing, that you can still see in reruns.  I saved hundreds of dollars in one shopping trip!  See some of my money-saving tips on my Coupon Corner blog at ElvisDuran.com.  I try to update it as frequently as possible to help you share in my savings!

Much like Froggy, I am a big fan of chain restaurants.  A couple of weeknights a month, you are sure to catch the family and I at Red Lobster…as long as there's a coupon!  :)   My all-time favorite is Waffle House.  Sadly, the closest one to where I live is well over 2 hours away.  Don't think I haven't made the trip!  My wife is a saint for putting up with my random, wacky cravings!

Not much of a movie guy, unless it's something hilariously stupid! As for TV, with the exception of Cops and Extreme Couponing, I'm not much of a reality TV guy. I like sitcoms and all the Fox animation. I've recently been getting a bunch of old 80's TV series on Netflix...like CHiPs, Emergency!, and Diff'rent Strokes. Call me crazy, but in addition to ElvisDuran.com, one of my favorite web sites is WheresGeorge.com. It's a site where you can enter your dollar bills and track them all over the world when they are spent. My wife thinks I'm nuts, and I guess I am...

Thanks for listening to the show! Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy giving it to you!