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Sam + Her Boyfriend Are Ridiculously Hot Together (WATCH)

Sam and her boyfriend William are ridiculously hot. Seriously... relationship goals x 1000!
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PODCAST: 'An Acquired Taste' - Kate Moss Breast-Shaped Champagne Glasses - Ep.48

2017 is about kicking ass, so the women describe their new alter egos, complete with ridiculously awesome names.
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PODCAST: 'An Acquired Taste' - I'm Prepared To Drink Both Of Your Urines - Ep.45

Bethany is convinced the women will die on their upcoming hike. We also get an update on Sam's septum ring... "situation."
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PODCAST: 'An Acquired Taste' - Sam's Conundrum - Ep. 43

Sam swallowed her nose ring. Kathleen and Bethany know exactly what she needs to do next...
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PODCAST: 'An Acquired Taste' - Bethany Does Not Like Farting! - Ep.42

Sam and Kathleen spend the episode making Bethany very, very uncomfortable!
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PODCAST: The 15 Minute Morning Show - 'Girls Sing-A-Long' - 11/22/16

The women of the show just want to sing! Join in on the fun!
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PODCAST: 'An Acquired Taste' - Stop Laughing! This Is Erotic! - Ep. 41

Bethany and Kathleen are both sick af, so it's Sexy Voice Story Time!
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PODCAST: An Acquired Taste - 'Bedside Kimonos' - Ep.40

Kathleen is accidentally on hallucinogens and the rest of the ladies are dragged into her trippy world, too.
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DONATE: 'A Moment of Magic' Donates to Children By Dressing As Princesses!

Dress-up like a princess for charity!
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PODCAST: 'An Acquired Taste' - Get Out And Vote!

The ladies discuss the importance and historic meaning of fulfilling their civic duty to VOTE! #ElectionDay2016
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